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May 28 2015


The Case of the 3rd Vicks Inhaler

When my nose gets stuffy, I rely on Vicks Inhaler to clear the congestion and make me breathe better. So one time when my handy Vicks Inhaler was lost, I immediately bought a replacement. But as soon as I had the replacement in hand, I found the Vicks Inhaler that went missing. Thus, I had two Vicks Inhalers on-hand.

So imagine when I suddenly couldn't locate any of the two Vicks Inhalers! I searched where I can to no avail. Thinking I could find at least one of them somehow, I held up on buying another one. But after two days, I gave up and bought a new Vicks Inhaler.

But then, my mom told me that I had left a Vicks Inhaler in the pocket of my pants. The following day, when I went to our office's quiet room (where I routinely get a nap before my shift), I also found my other Vicks Inhaler!

So the two original Vicks Inhalers are back, and I still have an extra unopened third Vicks Inhaler. The latter will have to wait for its debut, when the first two retire and/or get lost again.
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May 27 2015


Don't Forget to Love Yourself

The guy seated next to me on the jeepney had a tattoo on his right arm that said "Don't forget to love yourself." And though tattoos are not my thing, I found it cool that he chose to have this message inked, a reminder that he could easily see, especially at times when he doesn't feel too great about himself (happens to every one of us).

As I alighted off the ride, I quickly told him: "You have a great tattoo, Sir." Guess he was kind of shocked, probably because he didn't expect someone would tell him something like that, or that someone would tell him anything at all. Guess he could have also been keeping alert, in case I do something shady (which is what I would also do given that a stranger just spoke something to me).

But I hope the compliment got through him after his initial reaction. And yes, may we be all reminded: "Don't forget to love yourself."
Tags: stories
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