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March 11 2015


Quotes from Moodswingers 4: Beating Burnout

"Joy doesn't always come in a downpour, sometimes it comes in a drip."
"The quality of your joy cannot exceed the purity of your thoughts."
"I want to be a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor."

— Steven Furtick
Tags: sermon

January 18 2015

— Steven Furtick

June 20 2014

The only thing the world can teach you is how to cope with pressure. Only God can show you how to convert the pressure into something glorious.
— Steven Furtick
It doesn't matter where the pressure comes from, what matters is what I do with it that will determine what that pressure would produce in my life.
— Steven Furtick

May 23 2014

Who better to tell you your purpose than the One who made you?
— Rick Warren
When you don't get a miracle, you can still be a miracle.
— Nick Vujicic

March 29 2014


Crashing the Chatterbox

Here are some takeaways from the concluding week of Steven Furtick’s 6-part series Crash the Chatterbox:
  • “Just because it failed, doesn’t mean it didn’t work.”
    There are instances where you may seem to have failed, but it was exactly just as God intended it to be according to His purpose.
  • “What you cannot control shall control you.”
    Control your thoughts, or your thoughts will control you. Control your anger, or your anger will control you.
  • “You gotta sing songs that will make the devil run away from you.”
    Even if you can’t sing, sing anyway… It will only make the devil run faster.
  • “Don’t just go to church, take it with you.”
    Keep yourself full with God’s Word. Don’t just dine in at church, also have more for takeout.

February 28 2014

You'll be most effective when the people you're trying to influence believe that you believe in them.
— Steven Furtick
Tags: sermon

December 13 2013

Right now is the right time to do the right thing.
— Steven Furtick
Tags: sermon
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