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The Case of the 3rd Vicks Inhaler

When my nose gets stuffy, I rely on Vicks Inhaler to clear the congestion and make me breathe better. So one time when my handy Vicks Inhaler was lost, I immediately bought a replacement. But as soon as I had the replacement in hand, I found the Vicks Inhaler that went missing. Thus, I had two Vicks Inhalers on-hand.

So imagine when I suddenly couldn't locate any of the two Vicks Inhalers! I searched where I can to no avail. Thinking I could find at least one of them somehow, I held up on buying another one. But after two days, I gave up and bought a new Vicks Inhaler.

But then, my mom told me that I had left a Vicks Inhaler in the pocket of my pants. The following day, when I went to our office's quiet room (where I routinely get a nap before my shift), I also found my other Vicks Inhaler!

So the two original Vicks Inhalers are back, and I still have an extra unopened third Vicks Inhaler. The latter will have to wait for its debut, when the first two retire and/or get lost again.
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